Romans 6:1-23, Romans 7:1-6
Romans: The Book On Salvation - Part 6

Romans: The Book On Salvation

- Part 6 -

Romans 6:1-23
Anytime there is a clear explanation of the Gospel there is a natural
question that arises...can we just sin?
Answer: No, you are dead to sin. / Romans 6:2
were baptized INTO Christ
baptizo - fully wet, immersed
baptized into His death
raised to walk “in newness of life”
You died to sin upon justification
No longer a slave to sin
Christ died one time and no more
Death no longer has dominion over Him
Jesus died to sin but is alive to God
- Vs 11 “Likewise, reckon ye also yourselves”
- We are to consider ourselves dead to sin but alive to God / think
that way
- “Let not” Neither yield” / choice to not be a slave with your body
- Sin can reign in the body not the spirit - Vs 17-18 “ye were the servants of became the servants of
what happened?? Vs 17 “But ye have obeyed from the heart that form
of doctrine which was delivered you.”
Marriage Analogy: Romans 7:1-6
woman has husband and is bound til husband is dead. Can’t just go
get another husband or would be an adulterer
If husband dies she is free to marry another
We were married to sin but there has been a death and now we are
married to another...Christ Jesus.